SQIDEP Cover Page

Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Protocol (SQIDEP)

What's in it, what's not & why?

The webinar was held on Friday 7th June 2019, facilitated by Andrew Thomas (Stormwater NSW)

After five years of consultation, collaboration and negotiation, Stormwater Australia released the SQIDEP document in December 2018. The document provides a uniform set of criteria to which all stormwater treatment measures (green & grey) can be field-tested and reported. These criteria should guide and inform field monitoring programs that seek to demonstrate pollutant removals for treatment measures implemented to achieve planning water quality objectives.

Alan Hoban, President & Director of Stormwater Australia presented the Governance and Evaluation Processes for SQIDEP. Alan is also a Director of Civil and Water at Bligh Tanner Pty Ltd, based in Brisbane. He is a civil and environmental engineer who has worked closely with government and industry to establish policy, planning frameworks and technical standards for better urban water management.

Dr Darren Drapper, Secretary & Director of Stormwater Australia presented an overview of the technical criteria contained within the Protocol. Darren has 23 years' experience in stormwater and environmental management, and is a Director of Drapper Environmental Consultants Pty Ltd. As a member of the Advisory Committee that prepared the SQIDEP document, and having set up and tested multiple field sites he expanded on the requirements for testing according to the SQIDEP.

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