Andy Reese Webinar

Establishing a Stormwater User Fee – Practical Guidance from the United States.

One of the best received presentations at Stormwater2018 was that of keynote Andy Reese from the United States. Stormwater Australia is pleased to announce a follow up presentation via a free webinar and Q&A session to further a discussion industry needs to have.

The live interactive webinar will be held on Friday the 3rd May commencing at 9.30am AEST.

While many jurisdictions in Australia are struggling with how to better resource the Stormwater sector there are many examples from around the world where successful fee models have been established.

Australian practitioners are questioning how resources are generated and distributed across the different levels of government. This provides an opportunity to benchmark local practice, expenditure and outcomes with international examples.

This all comes at a time when the climate is changing and populations are growing rapidly. Decisions we make today will have long reaching implications into the future. Now is the time to learn how pragmatic and sensible approaches that are politically palatable and accepted by the community can start a journey of adaptation and transition

In this 60 minute webinar Andy Reese will walk through a framework and set of practical steps and considerations in establishing a stormwater user fee. It will take the local government official from first considerations through implementation. He will discuss several approaches for getting started, a five-track framework for coordination of key actions in establishment, and other considerations when dealing with various levels of government and customers. He will summarize the key legal tests in the United States to insure the utility is established correctly. There will be a Q&A and discussion period at the end that will continue for as long as individuals want to discuss.

Andy has led in the establishment of over 35 stormwater utilities including some of the most influential and successful in the United States and Canada. He has taught this framework in numerous settings including for the USEPA on a national webinar.

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Webinar Protocol:

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• Notionally the session will last one hour.