Stormwater Australia links the diverse and multi-disciplinary interests of all Australian stakeholders of the Stormwater Industry and represents them at all national forums.

Stormwater Australia promotes innovative and sustainable practice technologies, standards and policies that minimise adverse environmental, social and economic impacts.

Stormwater Australia also facilitates an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of agencies and partners working to improve the management of our natural and built stormwater systems, provides an advisory and reference service for the industry and promotes the concept that stormwater is a resource.

As our urban development has expanded, and the community has changed the natural landscape for housing, industry, agriculture and leisure activities, it became evident in the early 1990s, that there was no overall coordination between the various organisations involved in managing our stormwater drainage systems. This has resulted in ineffective management and inefficient use of resources, allowing unnecessary pollution in urban drainage, and the continuation of flooding problems. Inequities between metropolitan areas continue to be perpetuated as the problems are exported downstream and not managed holistically.

There is an expanding stormwater industry, and it needs to be viewed in a unified way, with the key players being accountable for the problems as a whole, rather than limiting this accountability to the boundaries of their own local area. The industry needs to meet these challenges and in doing so, build an expanding, profitable and environmentally responsible enterprise.

Stormwater is a catchment-based problem, and the community needs a scientific approach to ensure the right solutions are adopted. Therefore, the Stormwater Industry Association was formed to promote the use of more appropriate and effective practices, such as the principles of Total Catchment Management, Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and the adoption of common standards and policies, to help reduce the present inequities as well as to minimise the economic, social and environmental costs currently being borne.

The Association aims to create a synergism; allowing all members to act together as an industry so as to perform more efficiently and effectively in managing stormwater.

Better management of current problems and the implementation of improvements to existing systems is a major aim of the Association, and some success has been achieved to date due to the cooperation between the key players in allocating responsibilities and accountability and on the efficient pooling of available resources.


Alan Hoban

Alan Hoban
National President & Director
Stormwater Industry Association Ltd