Stormwater Australia embraces a national entity and several state-based associations. The national entity is a non-profit public company that links the diverse multi-disciplinary interests of state-based Associations and Stormwater Industry stakeholders.

The state associations are incorporated entities in each jurisdiction. These autonomous local associations are best placed to service members who respond to the social, environmental, climatic, topological, regulatory and other restraints presented by local conditions. Stormwater Industry stakeholders seeking Stormwater membership must apply with a State Association.  Applicants may apply for membership in the State that they deem to be most relevant to their activities.

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Sustaining Membership

Sustaining membership is administered nationally through Stormwater Australia and is open to organisations with a national presence or are interested in stormwater at a national level.

Sustaining Members

pdfSustaining Membership Application or Renewal Form

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Individual Membership and Corporate Members

Please enquire and apply directly to your local State Association.

Organisations or individuals in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) should contact Stormwater New South Wales (NSW), likewise, those in the Northern Territory (NT) should contact Stormwater South Australia (SA) and those in Tasmania (Tas) should contact Stormwater Victoria (Vic).

State Associations


Student Membership

Student membership is available and administered by each State Association. Depending on your level of study, membership is FREE!.

Please enquire and apply directly to the local State Association.

State Associations

Alternatively, please complete the online form by clicking here: Student Membership - Application Form and Stormwater Australia will pass on your request to the right State Association.


If you are interested in other membership categories or have any questions, please provide the following information, and we will respond. Thank you.

Membership Enquiry

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