At the recent Queensland workshop "The Performance of Proprietary SQIDs - The Facts, The Fiction and The Future Testing Protocol" the Association called upon the supplier sector of the industry to commit to working together to develop long overdue protocols and assessment processes for the benefit of all.

Following this event we asked manufacturers to 'sign on' and set some ground rules and requirements for constructive participation and representative outcomes.

Essentially we require participants to agree to put differences aside, agree to ground rules that will allow discussions to progress in a focussed manner to avoid unecessary distraction motivated by individual positioning or benefit and to maintain adequate represntation of new and established market players at small and large scale.

It is likely that there are many others who weren't directly involved in the Queensland event who have an interest in the outcomes of this initiative or contributions to make. Moving formward we have to be both inclusive and pragmatic.  Any organisations who feel they need to learn more or wish to be involved should contact Stormwater Australia National President via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Moving forward we have designed a process that will allow us to gather momentum and incorporate willing particpants as we go.