After much anticipation Stormwater Australia is delighted to release a consultation document seeking the views of industry about the need for, and details of an evaluation protocol for assessing the performance veracity of permanent Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices (SQIDEP).

The SQIDEP has been prepared by Stormwater Australia's SQID Advisory Committee operating under a Terms of Reference

The full document can be downloaded pdfSQIDEP_Release_version_January_2015.pdf.

(note: there have been minor changes to the version released in December.  Table 10-1 has been changed to Table 11-1, and breakout box on p 63 has been update dto remove drafting notes).

The document builds upon earlier work completed by Auckland City Council and requests responses from industry in the following areas:

  • The veracity/ usefulness of the technical approach and seeking feedback on technical elements relating to issues such as sample collection and analytical methodology, statistical analysis and data collection; and
  • Issues surrounding the administration of an evaluation scheme, in particular views on responsibilities (for undertaking assessments), and gauging industry appetite to support a scheme.

We realise that it is a comprehensive document and will be releasing consultation summaries in key areas in mid-January 2015.

Having an agreed set of evaluation benchmarks will be an important step for the Stormwater industry, and in developing the document care has been taken to ensure that the document will be able to stand the test of time by focussing on 'process' rather than specific regulatory outcomes.

The consultation period will remain open to 5th March- please provide feedback via Stormwater Australia's discussion forum (FEEDBACK) or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to hearing you views.