Jane ClaryJane Clary is one of our Keynote Speakers for Stormwater2018, the Australian National Stormwater conference, 8th-12th October, ANZ Stadium, NSW. 

Jane is a Vice-president and Senior Water Resources Scientist with Wright Water Engineers in Denver, Colorado, USA, where she has focused on water quality issues, stormwater, watershed management and water conservation for 25 years. Over the past 20 years, Jane has helped develop and manage the International Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Database (www.bmpdatabase.org), which includes both conventional and green infrastructure stormwater management practices.

Additionally, Jane has served as the watershed coordinator for the Big Dry Creek Watershed Association near Denver, Colorado, working with local governments to address water quality issues in a multi-jurisdictional setting for 20 years. Jane has also worked with the landscaping in industry in Colorado and was named “GreenCO Person of the Year” in 2008 for her work in landscape water conservation.

Jane is currently serving a governor-appointed term on the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission, which is responsible for rulemakings related to the federal Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act in Colorado. Nationally, she currently serves as an officer on the Urban Water Resources Research Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Jane holds a B.S. in Economics from Vanderbilt University and an M.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Colorado.

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With over 300 delegates anticipated, Stormwater2018 will be the one stop shop for industry professionals looking to keep abreast of contemporary practice, share ideas with their peers and make new contacts that can be invaluable in their everyday work.

Expect a program that will leave you wiser, better networked with a little bit of fun thrown in along the way. As with previous conferences, we envision delegates and presenters to be drawn from a mix of practitioners’ working at the ‘coal face,’ new and emerging science and presentations on policy from around the country.

We are now entering the age of the mega city; in some countries as much as 90% of the population lives in urban centres. Urban centres are sinks, drawing in resources from their wide and disparate hinterlands. Stormwater professionals are very aware that the poorly evolved drainage systems of the past convey this pollution to receiving environments. A modern understanding of urban stream ecology reveals that paved cities do not respect the ecosystems that once flourished. And in a dry land such as Australia we are acutely aware of the need to manage our runoff as a resource rather than a waste.

The Conference has the resolution of many of these issues as a key area of focus. We are seeking presentations which focus on both science and practice. For a list of areas of particular interest please download the Call for Abstracts. I would encourage you to submit an abstract for consideration if you have anything that you have been working on, and would like to share with your industry peers. We are looking for a diverse mix of presentations and perspectives that will be of broad appeal.

Visit www.stormwater2018.com.au for more information and to register your seat now.