Stormwater Australia is always proud to bring the observations of international experts to contribute to the Australian narrative around practice. 

This year we are delighted to hear the views of Andy Reece, Vice President and Principal Consultant, The Wood Group, Tennessee.

Andy will offer his reflection on where current Australian practice sits and contrast it with experiences in the USA.  In the past 20- 30 years America has seen a quantum change in practice, borne largely by the realisation that a fundamental shift was required in how stormwater management is funded and accountability assigned for action.

According to Andy, Stormwater has can be seen as the "wild child" among the three siblings in the water management family (the others being water and wastewater). While the other two are well educated, married, have houses, and steady jobs, stormwater is that one who left college, hiked through Nepal and now lives in his parent’s basement playing drums in a band!  The conclusion- it’s time for Stormwater to ‘grow up’.

Andy has been involved in over 60 case study examples where cities (ranging from small to complex) have recognised the need to adopt mature and accountable approaches and subsequently developed funding mechanisms and delivery programs.

This presentation from Andy will highlight the "top ten" ways that stormwater has been ‘growing up’ in leading programs in the United States and provide his thoughts on application to the Australian stormwater milieu.