In response to requests from industry, the SQIDEP Technical Review Panel has been working on a Laboratory Pathway for device assessment. The current version of SQIDEP (v1.3) does not currently include lab assessment.

SQIDEP Laboratory Testing Pathway 1.2 supplements the field protocol. The purpose of this protocol is to provide a robust, repeatable and reliable method for demonstrating the performance of stormwater quality improvement devices under laboratory conditions.

It is envisaged that the proposed synthetic stormwater is used as a minimum benchmark and that this protocol will not preclude testing of other locally relevant stormwater pollutants in synthetic stormwater. The main focus is to provide certainty that devices can actually meet manufacturers claims and provide increased comfort to the stormwater industry and regulators.

The link to this draft Laboratory Protocol and to submit comments is here


Stormwater Industry Association appreciates all comments received and all feedback is welcomed. This is an exciting time for launching this document. Such dedicated work by our Volunteers! We would like to remind valued contributors of Stormwater Australia's Code of Conduct before choosing to submit any comment. Thank you.