Through its network of State Associations the National Stormwater Industry Association has members in all Australian states and (the ACT/ territories). Individual state associations are generally incorporated bodies under local jurisdictions and a committee of management which guide activities of importance to the individual States.  

Members in smaller states are encouraged to form affiliations with another state association while they build their local membership and networks until there is a critical mass to form a new state association.

State associations are generally active in promoting knowledge and ideas through a program of seminars, state conferences and awards events.  Increasingly advocacy and the building of strategic partnerships is seen as an important role for state associations and the network umbrella provided by National allows states to share ideas around these important activities.

A brief description and links to each state association is provided below.

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Stormwater Victoria

Officially the SIAV Stormwater Victoria adopted its own branding to assist in recognition and advocacy in the broader water industry and government.  Representing mainly Victorian practitioners , Stormwater Victoria is active in running seminars, annual excellence awards and an annual tour and AGM.

Currently Stormwater Victoria accepts Tasmanian members while the interest in stormwater management in that state grows.

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Stormwater NSW

Stormwater NSW links the diverse and multi-disciplinary interests of the Stormwater Industry in NSW and the ACT and represents them at both a state and national level.  The Association is a not for profit organisation that exists to serve its members and broader stormwater industry and is supported by the National Stormwater Industry Association and a strong network of state associations.

Stormwater NSW promotes innovation and sustainable practices, technologies, standards and policies that minimise adverse environmental, social and economic impacts caused by stormwater. The Association facilitates an understanding of roles and responsibilities of agencies in working to improve the management of our natural and built stormwater systems, promotes the concept that stormwater is a resource and provides an advisory and reference service for the industry.

Stormwater practitioners work across streams of the integrated water cycle and we value the opportunity to integrate our objectives with sustainable management of all water sources including water, wastewater and groundwater.  Stormwater NSW provides opportunities for individuals and organisations to network across disciplines and influence stormwater policy, legislation and industry guidelines at local and national levels.

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Stormwater South Australia

The Stormwater South Australia is an integral part of the National Stormwater Industry Association.

Stormwater South Australia's mission is to assist in the development of a sustainable stormwater industry for the greater benefit of its members and the broader public.

Although there are a number of active water related associations in South Australia (such as the AWA, Engineers Australia Environmental Society, Hydsoc and Limnology Society of Australia), Stormwater South Australia has a specific role to provide focus on promoting best practice stormwater management for Metropolitan Areas. Given Adelaide's imminent in-fill development challenge over the next 20 years or so, the SIA has a real chance to influence this - for the long term benefit of the community.

Adelaide has a long history of community concern over water issues on the River Murray, the Mount Lofty Ranges and Gulf of St Vincent - the Stormwater South Australia need to help the practioners and community to appreciate measures that need to be taken on stormwater (in their own backyard so to speak) at both a catchment, neighbourhood/precinct and property scale.

At the same time, Stormwater South Australia must increase awareness of the increasing need for local government to develop "urban stormwater management plans", and the need for state government to take a leadership role in maximising multi-objective outcomes in urban stormwater management, such as improved water quality, improved environmental values, public amenity and recreation and stormwater use (or reuse)

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Stormwater Queensland

Stormwater Queensland is an incorporated, not for profit, association established in 1996.

The objectives of Stormwater Queensland, as set out in the constitution, are:

  • to promote the efficient management of stormwater in order to:
  • manage flooding
  • maintain environmental values of receiving waters
  • enhance community amenity
  • achieve the cost effective management of stormwater infrastructure
  • encourage a whole of watercycle approach to stormwater management
  • to encourage best practice in the industry and to provide a forum for the various industry members
  • to provide industry representation as the principle advisory body for the stormwater industry

Stormwater Queensland seeks to facilitate effective stormwater management by providing leadership,  representation and services to the stormwater industry.   Specifically, it aims to:

  • promote and advocate for effective stormwater management
  • raise professional standards of practice
  • provide information and knowledge exchange for professional development of the industry  
  • operate in an effective and financially responsible manner.
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Stormwater Industry Association of Western Australia (SIAWA)

The Stormwater Industry Association of Western Australia (SIAWA) draws together the many groups to provide cohesion, standardisation and focus for the state of Western Australia.

SIAWA is a non-profit Industry association. We promote sustainable urban water management through the management of stormwater. We draw our membership from local government, product suppliers, engineering professionals and the wider consulting industry.

We are an organisation of professionals working in all sections of the Stormwater industry, including those studying, regulating, designing, supplying components, building and operating stormwater systems.

We aim to have a membership with a wide representation to ensure an integrated approach which takes into account the issues and imperatives facing all sections of the Industry.