We want to invite all students who wish to pursue a career in Urban Water Management to apply for Student Membership of the Stormwater Industry Association (in the state where your studies are conducted).

Eligibility requirements are taken into consideration with your application and a FREE or discounted membership fee is available for students depending on their level of study.

To submit your application for Student Membership, fill out the online form below.

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By submitting your membership application via Stormwater Australia, you consent to Stormwater Australia forwarding details to the relevant Stormwater State Associations based on your study location. This is for the purpose of becoming registered as a member of the relevant State Association. Forwarded details will include:

  • Your membership category
  • Your Contact Details and Date of Birth
  • Your Institution and Course Details

Stormwater Australia will retain a copy of the details provided for its records for the duration of the student membership.

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